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We express profound gratitude to the following organization and personalities for timely interventions, co-operations and able assistance to enrich our programme:

  • Honorable Janab Sultan Ahmed M.P. Uluberia, Parliamentary Constituency.
  • Honorable Asit Mitra , M.L.A., Amta Assembly Constituency.
  • Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment Govt. of India.
  • Ministry of Women & Child Development.
  • Department of Women & Child Development & Social Welfare, Govt. of W.B.
  • Central Social Welfare Board, Govt. of India.
  • W.B. Social Welfare Board.
  • Director of Social Welfare & Member Secretary, S.C.P.S. Govt. of W.B.
  • D.M. Howrah.
  • Deb Kumar Bhattacharya, D.S.W.O. Howrah.
  • Mr. Basar Ali, D.C.P.O. Howrah
  • Sima Kanjilal, Protection Officer (I.C.) D.C.P.S. Howrah.
  • W.B. Women Development Undertaking.
  • Neheru Yuba Kendra, Howrah.
  • Indra Kumar Naskar, B.D.O. Amta II, Joypur, Howrah.
  • Officer-in -Charge of Joypur Police Station.
  • C.D.P.O. Amta II, Howrah.
  • Nabanita Roy, 5th Addl. Dist. Session Judge, Judges Court, Howrah.
  • Rinchi D Lama, Principal Magistrate, JJB Howrah.
  • Mr. Tarun Dolui, Pradhan, Kashmoli G.P.
  • Superintend of B.B. Dhar Hospital, Joypur.
  • B.M.O.H. Amta II, Jaypur, Howrah.
  • Rtn. Md. Sahid, Ex-Unicef Project Co-ordinate, Khulna, Bangladesh.