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Our Committee Members



SK. SALIMUL ALAM(Social Worker), Sk. NAJIMADDIN MALLICK (Social Worker) , Dr. JOYDEV MONDAL, Mr. BIJON SINHA (Social Worker), Mr. SMARJIT DUTTA(Social Worker),


Chiranabin own 210 decimal of land & Organization has own 6 buildings i.e. Administrative office with Destitute Home, Day Care Centre, Drug Centre & Observation Home, Children home and After care homes for Women Home, at Parbakshi and rented one building at Bagnan, Howrah.


Like every organization our organization have also strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT).


  • Infrastructure ( 6 buildings)
    • Administrative Office with Destitute Home
    • Day Care Centre
    • Drug & Observation Home
  • Motivated Personnel (Staffs)
    • Children Home & After Care Home -60
    • Observation Home for JCL boys 14
    • Multi service centre for Aged -5
    • Hostel for SC boys-12
    • Cottage -2
    • IRCA-9
    • FCC-5 & Head Office Management Staffs - 3
  • Peoples involvement and participation in the community work
  • Communitys cooperation
  • Close relationship and association with Govt.
  • Friends & well Wishers.
  • Village Committee Members.


We dont able to get success in each and every field due to our un proper management system, unskilled manpower, etc. But this weakness cannot prevent us to go ahead and achieve more success.


More Cooperation from local Panchayat

People contribution towards the self reliance of the project

Involvement of Govt. in planning for activities where collaboration will be required


Like every noble work there are some threats in our projects like financial difficulties, non ability of grant this is why the progress of our works are not being advancing.