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Multi Service Centre for Aged

A t present age it is observe that due to break up of joint family the family members refused to live in the nuclear family. The nuclear family is a curse of the society. Due to live in nuclear family the bondage of love, affection and kindness, compassion, respect to the aged man of the family is being disappeared day by day. Aged persons of the family is regular torture and oppress by the son and even the aged persons get no food, clothes, health service, care and protection from the family. In such critical stage and inhuman brutality and constant starvation the health of aged person is deteorated at last the life of aged is reduced to five elements. This is why? We have launched a multi service Centre in the year 2009 to relief the beneficiaries from monotonous life by way of prayer, sankritan, religious book, reading newspaper and playing indoor game i.e. ludo, card etc. Arrangement of outing for beneficiaries in every year for changing of the mind. Doctor check up the health of benificiaries once in week. Tiffin is given to them at tiffin hours. In this centre the beneficiaries get opportunities to talk with each other for getting relief from mental agony. The staffs have good terms with the beneficiaries.