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Observation Home For JCL Boys

W e are running the children home from the year 1998.We at first started the children home (formerly shelter home) with limited MR girls now its strength has reached to the 167. Forty two staffs have been engaged to look after MR girls. There are two categories inmates i.e. mild and moderate .The inmates are homeless parent less, and have no identity. The inmates come from CWC. When the inmates come to the children home they were ill faded and ill clad, and feeble. They can?t eat individually and wear garments .Now they are vivacious for proper treatment care protection food lodging etc. It is our great pleasure that we have able retained about 42 inmates to the mother lap. We have made and arrangement of education, recreation, V.T so that the inmates may get relief from monotonous life and enjoy recreation by way of song, music under the guidance of musician and also arrangement of tailoring sewing so that the inmates may be self supported. Special educator teaches the mild category inmates with great care and attentively. It is found the inmates are developing gradually improve in studies, dancing, song and recitation. Inmates participate in the different programmers of our organization. Thanks to Govt. of W.B. & Govt. of India for financial assistance.