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Observation Home For JCL Boys

W e have started Observation home in the year 2012, January.The all J.C.L Boys of observation home under J.J.act of I.C.P.S are involved with various kind of antisocial activities . The main object of the Govt. is to correct the life of criminal boy by care protection and love white view to bring them in the main stream of life so that the J.C.L Boys may stand at their won fit and prosper in future life. We have already admitted two J.C.L boys in the school. Beside this we have also engaged arts and craft teacher for unschooled J.C.L boys. There is an all arrangement of playing football, volley ball, creacket.14 staff has been engaged to look after the J.C.L Boys. Food clothes are regular supply to the J.C.L Boys and medical treatment are properly done by regd. medical practitioner. Thanks to Govt. of W.B. & Govt. of India for financial assistance.