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General Secretary Desk

I convey my heartfelt gratitude to President, executive members, staff members & donor agencies of Chiranabin for all round development of the organization. People are very much satisfied for our glorious activities in area. They have come forward spontaneously to help and co-operate in all possible ways. We are proud of them. Local people love us and their blessing and help is praiseworthy to expedite our development activities.

We are very proud of our organization. It has been able to continue the development oriented activities for better awareness in the community. To cross the poverty line and to save the distressed families, it has extended its activities outside the block area Amta II, Joypur, Howrah. Our executive committee has accorded more important to awareness development and specially action for women and child development. With a view to making all round development of the backward community since the society has been rendering various development oriented activities with the help of donor agencies and Govt. with the concern efforts by the board of management the organization has been able to fulfill its desired goal by implementing a good number of development project. The main object of the organization is to assist the poorest section of the people specially SC/ST and weaker section of the people, day labours, needy women and children for solving their won situation and becoming self reliant.

In the present age we are observing that the women in the society are deprived of all kinds of opportunities available in the community. They do not know their position in the society. Never can they think that they are part and parcel of the society. The women have an important role to upgrade the community. Women are an asset in the community and it should be properly utilized. A nation can prosper when women power is utilized in every development activities. Our organization has paid more important for women development in the rural area. Women are not properly educated. They suffer much. We have trying our best to bring more awareness among the women in the village.

Sukumar Sau, General Secretary, Chiranabin