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Rehabilitation Center For Addict

Due to constant poverty and unemployment problem the young generation is suffering from frustration and despondency. They cannot express their sorrows and sufferings to anybody else. Due to constant poverty and unemployment alternative reaction played always to their mind. Result which drug addicts involved with larceny for lively hood and other bare necessities of life. The young do not know that the drug is a venomous position and injuries to health and also creates frenzy. It is a kind of silent killer yet the young take drugs to forget the miseries, suffering etc. The result which as the days is going on the drug addicts become furious, adamant, harden criminal and harem sacrum. If the drug addicts get no drugs they began to torture over the family members and also people of the society. Drug addicts always quarrel with family members as well as in the society.

To control detoxification drug we lunched drug de addiction centre to bring the drug addicts in the main stream of life by way of proper counseling, detoxification, care, protection, love, healthy food, yoga, meditation, and proper medical treatment. When the drug addicts is completely cure we return back to the family. In such way we have able to give up the practice of drug and established and harmony in the family of drug addicts.

Thanks to M.S.J& E, Govt. of India